Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How Interesting It Would Be...

... if we had a Prime Minister running the country from county jail...

It was just a funny thought that occurred to me today after reading all the sms alerts, news sites and blogs on the latest appalling state of Malaysian politics. Here are three pieces of news I digested today; (1) the Prime Minister and his Deputy have been accused of corruption by their own UMNO party members from the PJ branch and the accusation is being investigated by the ACA, (2) More said on RPK's site about the unfortunate posthumous celebrity that is Altantuya Shaariibuu and her clandestine links to the DPM and (3) Anwar Ibrahim will formally have sodomy charges brought against him.

Now, think about this...

The DPM is already in a precarious position for the numerous claims of his involvement in the Mongolian murder case. If he is proven to be involved, he could go to jail.

No surprise that Anwar will be brought to court and as a result, there is a real possibility that he could be thrown back into jail.

The Prime Minister is now also being dragged into the fray on accusations of corruption. Last I checked, corruption is a crime and as such, the PM could go to jail.

What I do not know for sure is whether the man or woman who is put in office as Prime Minister is allowed to run the country from behind bars (I do know, however, that it would be rather inconvenient to kiss babies through those bars).

But there you have it. A strange possibility that one, two or all three of them could be thrown in jail. And ALL of them have aspirations to run the country (in the PM's case, I think it remains on his post-honeymoon to-do list since I don't seem to see him actively running it now, imho).

As Alice said in Wonderland, 'curiouser and curiouser!'