Monday, February 16, 2009

how could i forget...

... it's mid-February and it's only now I realised that I've missed one humongous Eff and that is Far-flung Places, bringing my total number of Effs to 9.

January/February was a Chinese New Year excursion with the Ma, Jo and Sean to Bangkok, my first. February will also see me in Singapore again, to fulfil another Eff; the OCBC Cycle Singapore, my first bike challenge. March is time for Sportel Miami; a shorter trip than usual for me and will spend some extra couple of days in Miami. New York will have to wait.

April/May is another huge, huge first - Melbourne. I've always wanted to go and was planning for later in the year to coincide with the Fringe Festival in September. Now, I have an opportunity to do Melbourne with new-found friends who live and breathe the city, a different experience and, I know it in my bones, it will be one hellava trip.

Sometime after Melbourne will be a continuation of my diving adventure, which will see me completing my Advanced certification and then, the world will truly be mine to share with oysters. :-)

And THAT is my half-year of Far-Flung Places in the bag... stay tuned for Q3 & Q4...