Sunday, January 01, 2012

new year baptism...

Standing on Pantai Tengah beach in Langkawi waiting for the synchronous bursts of noise from all around (and down the beach) of party poppers and shouts of "happy new year". Sadly, auld lang syne is not heard much these days.

And then followed soon after by fireworks. Advantage of watching from Pantai Tengah is that one could see all the way down the beach of Pantai Cenang, where the crowds and the drunken parties were. Someone even shot a emergency flare from a boat out in the middle of the dark cove. Pity the poor fellow, if he really was in dire straits.

Fireworks were accompanied by reverant kuomin lanterns released by the hundreds, lighting up the sky with serene floating lights amidst the angsty bursts of gunpowdered psychedelia.

Soon as the light display was over, Karina walks into the sea and everyone followed. It only felt like the natural thing to do. And amidst loud music of LMFAO from a nearby cafe, we all shuffled in the sea.

Back at La Pari-Pari, we walked straight into Karina's brand new pool and the yin and yang new-year baptism was complete; salt, washed away by the fresh. Along with a chilled bottle of bubbly to toast, hence the new-year crossover was completed to perfection.

Here's wishing everyone the same perfect start and year-long perfection in everything this 2012.