Thursday, May 16, 2013

the bane that are telemarketers...

this story is absolutely true, it happened to me and less than an hour ago:

Telemarketer: Good evening mam, my name is xxxxx from zzzzz College and I would like to invite you to attend a Tour Guide Course.
Me: a Tour Guide Course???

T/M: Yes mam.  You have been recommended by someone who had earlier attended this course.
Me: And what will I do with this course?
T/M: After you do this course, you could run tours as a guide in your free time.
Me: And where would I find free time?
T/M: .........
Me: Do you even know what I do for a living currently?
T/M: No mam.
Me: And it never occurred to you to ask first?
T/M: .........
Me: So what makes you think this would be relevant to me or if it would even interest me?
T/M: it’s only 45 minutes mam
Me: Tell me who it was who recommended me for this course?
T/M: I can’t tell you that mam
Me: So why should I believe you?
T/M: it’s our policy, mam. We can’t give out our contact details
Me: (yelling by now) and yet you will use it to harass me. how do i know you're even telling me the truth about a recommendation or you're just making it all up??
T/M: mam, we are only doing our job
Me: well good for you, I don’t want to hear any more until I know who it was who was stupid enough to suggest that I would be interested  in it!
T/M: it was your friend or your relative who is stupid…

grrrrrrr... gerammmmm...

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